Could I Possibly be Pregnant?

Early symptoms of pregnancy can be difficult to detect because they resemble the symptoms of other things that might be happening in the body. Some women will experience enough small signs to draw the right conclusion; others may experience one or none of the common, initial symptoms of pregnancy. However, after they miss their menstrual cycle, they usually begin to worry.

The main symptoms of pregnancy that should lead you to get a test are:

  1. You will have either missed your period, as was mentioned earlier, or you could simply have just a light period.
  2. Your breasts may become swollen and tender. As such, they will become quite sensitive. Sensitive, sore breasts are caused by rising levels of hormones. After the first trimester, this discomfort should decrease as your body adapts to the hormonal changes of pregnancy.
  3. You may have tenderness in different parts of your body. Swollen and tender genitalia are common in pregnancy.

Of course, there are some people who are lucky enough to have no symptoms except for a growing belly. For these people, it is especially difficult to tell whether or not they are actually pregnant. This explains how it is possible for a very few women to give surprise births after having been totally unaware of their pregnancy.

There are other symptoms that may occur whenever you are pregnant. Many of these symptoms do not happen right away, but they commonly occur during a pregnancy and some definitely occur:

  1. A lot of women suffer from morning sickness, which is extreme nausea in the morning when they first wake up. This may even be so bad that it can cause you to vomit. Most of the time this will go away after you have been up for a while, but some women can stay nauseated throughout the entire day.
  2. Women who are pregnant often become more emotional than usually. So if you have missed a period and find yourself bursting into tears or just feeling sad when you're normally a happy person, this could be a clue.
  3. You may find that you have a strong aversion to certain smells and odors. This is a very real phenomenon and the only answer is to avoid the foods and fragrances that trigger a negative reaction.
  4. There may be some foods that you really liked before you became pregnant. Now that you are pregnant you may dislike them.
  5. Most women will become extremely fatigued because they are carrying around extra weight and nourishing 2 bodies instead of just 1. At the onset of the pregnancy, however the fatigue is the result of significant hormonal changes which will affect energy levels.
  6. Your abdomen will become swollen as your baby grows inside of you.
  7. You will find that you will have to urinate frequently because not only are you eliminating the waste from your own body, but also from the body of the baby that is growing inside of you.
  8. Your basal body temperature will go higher and then stay at this high temperature.

The only way to be sure that any of these symptoms are in fact due to a pregnancy is by having a positive home pregnancy test, which is then followed by a positive pregnancy test at your doctor's office.

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